Is Really Love Movie Based on a True Story?

Really Love

Really Love ‘is a love movie based on an unexpected love affair between a budding artist and a law student. What starts out as a happy relationship is quickly confronted with the pressures of the real world and the unfortunate problems of free communication.

However, what may be the biggest obstacle to the intentions of the characters in the middle of their struggle to balance their journey and shared life. A layer of gentrification and a vibrant, if slightly inclined, the artistic scene can all add a real touch to a film, and the ending artfully illustrates the complexity and melting beauty of real-life relationships. Can ‘Really Love’ be based on a true story? 

Is Really Love a True Story?

No, ‘Really Love’ is not based on a real story. The film is co-produced by Felicia Pride and Angel Kristi Williams and is inspired by the original text. The two authors of the film reportedly met through a friend of theirs, and Pride, who had seen Williams’ work in previous short film projects, suggested he direct it. They both affectionately described the film as a “love affair” and cited the 1997 love drama ‘Love Jones’ as one of the inspirations for the Really Love movie.

In fact, the director also took inspiration with the color tones of ‘Really Love’ from ‘Love Jones,’ while Pride seemed to be inspired by its inconsistent and authentic show of the relationship. Williams was reportedly also inspired by ‘In the Mood For Love,’ ‘Love & Basketball,’ and ‘Nothing but a Man’ for his first directing game.

There is also a good amount of real-life promotion that the writer and director have brought to their film. Both are originally from Baltimore, where the film was also heavily shot, Pride and Williams seem to have vivid memories of the Washington D.C. neighborhood, where the ‘Really Love’ is really set. The first was reportedly living in Washington D.C.

when he started writing his first screen game and spent his artistic years as an artist in the city. Not surprisingly, Isaiah’s journey to becoming a successful artist in DC is full of subtle details and ingenious pearls such as – “The power of your work lies in your hand” – narrowed by the incomparable Uzo Aduba (‘Orange New Black’) who convincing a talented artist. and influential in DC.

Personally, Williams reportedly invested his movie in the knowledge of Black artists and how their success depended on the (incorrect) value given to their work by the available power. However, to cover that story, she introduces the character of Aduba, a Black woman who uses the power to create or break artists’ works.

Interestingly, the artist who created the paintings representing Isaiah’s work in the movie – Gerald Lovell, reportedly read the script (about a struggling artist trying to find his first show while dating) and said it was like his own life! Lovell seems to have had his biggest art show 3 years onwards.

‘Really Love’ includes many human experiences that transcend racial boundaries, social and economic factors, and the artist’s journey. With their motivation and real-life experience, the writers and director of the film have made a story that sounds as confusing and complex as real life but always from the heart enough to draw the hearts of the audience.


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