Is ‘Prey’ Movie Based on a Real Story?


‘Prey’ is a thrilling German mystery that finds five men in the woods, hunted in a mysterious way by an unsuspecting shooter. The Prey film opens with notes but soon falls into disrepair as the men try to survive while unknown assailants shoot them with a powerful shotgun. The base is a bad situation, and as unspecified as the killer’s intentions can be, it is also a situation that seems very logical. The account also shows how the city dwellers found themselves in dire straits when they wandered off into the wilderness. So how much ‘Robbery’ is based on a true story? We decided to find out.

Is ‘Prey’ Movie a Real Story?

No, ‘Prey’ is not based on a real story. The Prey movie was written and directed by Thomas Sieben, best known for the 2019 German thriller ‘Kidnapping Stella. the movie. However, with Netflix’s focus on genre cinema now, he says he’s excited to get back to the fun genre and explore its nuances with his films.

The Prey film is considered German, with German actors in the German area, and, according to Sieben, there are few settings as German as the jungle, in which the film is set. In ‘Phango,’ the director explores the concept of urban dwellers coming to the forest to reconnect with nature but also to manage their urban minds, “focused on Instagram” with them.

In the film, they talk about taking pictures with their phones and are often portrayed as helpless without a connection. Without their phones, the characters in the middle of the film can’t ask for help or find a way back to civilization.

In the descriptive scene, one of the characters (Albert) makes his friend risk his life to get his phone. The point is also brought home when the girl, who works in a lodge hall, says that people from towns who come to the forest are sometimes frustrated and lost, as they are not used to living in the wild. In this regard, Sieben re-examines the concept of toxic masculinity and how a group of so-called united men begins to return to their original and basic state in the face of so much stress in the wilderness.

At the beginning of the film, while being chased by a mysterious shooter, one of the characters bends his foot. After a while, his best friend and colleagues suggested that they all go their separate ways, saying that “everyone has made it his own.”

Additionally, the Prey film also depicts a young child who was killed as a result of the negligence of a drunken boy who stumbled over a mother and child in the woods. The film’s general arc, and the traumatized mother who hunts for gangs of men in the jungle, also point to the film’s advice for toxic manhood.

Sieben, who refers to thriller horrors such as ‘Friday the 13th’ as the films he grew up watching, made ‘Prey’ to explore the tricks of the thriller genre. By his own admission, he did not intend to create a new scene with film but instead focused on art and character development to create tension in the story. The film, according to him, uses many technological features of the camera’s arms and scene sequences to create narratives and make it a common motivator around a few middle-aged characters.

‘Prey’ is not based on a real story but explores the themes that its author-inspired director was curious about. Themes, such as those of poisoned manhood and urban dwellers who feel frustrated when subjected to the pressure of the wilderness, are realistic but are portrayed by imaginary characters and dramatic situations.

By placing them in a frame of excitement, the filmmaker re-examines the nuances of the genre and adds another theme to the list of German thrillers.


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