Facts & Fiction: Is ‘One of Us Is Lying’ a Real Story?

One of Us Is Lying

One of Us Is Lying, is a mysterious high school drama that focuses on the death of a student. The killings took place while they were in custody, and four other students who were found with the victim were subjected to a tumultuous investigation. The show combines the mystery of the murder mystery with a high school drama to create a particularly sophisticated plot, in which the characters’ secrets are gradually revealed. Although the program has a clear “television set” setting, can certain real events be hidden from its narrative? Let’s find out the facts of the movie – ‘One of Us Is Lying’.

 Is One of Us Is Lying a Real Story?


Five walk into detention, only four come out alive!

 ‘One of Us Lying’ is not based on a completely Real story. The show is based on a suspicious 2017 novel with the same name as Karen M. McManus and was written on television by Erica Saleh and Molly Nussbaum. The central idea of ​​the book focuses on bringing together high school students from completely different backgrounds and putting them in a situation where they are forced to get to know each other.

This seemed to be the inspiration for the upcoming 1985 comedy show – ‘The Breakfast Club.’ In the book (and the show), McManus features five characters in the middle of a prison. However, the author then adds a negative element to the plot by making the death of one of them bind the other four characters to each other.

Most likely, McManus’ novel film rights were discussed even before the book was published. One of the show’s main producers, Matt Groesch, came across this unmistakable novel in 2017, when it was presented as a secret murderous version of ‘The Breakfast Club. ‘to become a New York Times best-seller. Groesch and his production partner John Sacchi then started working to bring the matter up for review. However, the journey was long, and the novel reportedly dragged on for two years after the script was built and then suffered a long delay in recording the COVID-19 epidemic.

Although McManus was not directly involved in the creative direction of the show, he was consulted while the book was being prepared for review. One of the authors of the script, Erica Saleh, commented on how the in-depth knowledge of the author’s characters and narratives helped in the process. McManus also had ideas and details that he did not include in the book, which was a useful resource for Saleh. The author is also allowed to view the text of the exhibition and provide feedback on it.

Looking at the remarkable follower of the next novel, McManus also has a list of “icon times” in a story he thinks is important and that readers especially enjoy. The list was provided by the producers, who made a special effort to keep the story of the show closer to the novel. Some of the highlights are reportedly left out, but McManus feels that readers of his book will enjoy watching the game though.

So, ‘One of Us Lying’ is based on a fictional story because the show takes inspiration from a suspicious novel. The mysterious murder plot, combined with the idea of ​​uniting high school students from different groups, is designed to make this account interesting. The author has spent a lot of time working on the characters in his novel (most of them completing the show as well) to make them feel as natural as possible. However, the story after ‘One of Us Lying’ remains a particularly fictional story.


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