Is On The Verge Series Based on a Real Story?

On The Verge

On The Verge ‘is a Netflix comedy series set in pre-Covid Los Angeles. It follows four women as they throw family, work, and relationships while also facing a daytime health crisis. Justine as Julie Delpy is a successful chef and budding writer, but her relationship with her husband, Martin as Mathieu Demy, is sour because she accuses him of standing out at his job. Anne as Elisabeth Shue is the heir and runs the line of moral clothing that emerges. In the pilot’s clip, her husband announces that he is unhappy and wants to stay apart.

Ell as Alexia Landeau is a single mother with three children, who have three different people. Yasmin as Sarah Jones is a woman with a mysterious pass on when she is looking for a job. Her emotional turmoil made her relationship with her husband and son difficult.

‘The Verge’ offers enthusiastic comments on motherhood, homelessness, race, politics, and education. If that makes you wonder if real events have inspired this program, know about the On The Verge series.

Is On The Verge Series a Real Story?

No, ‘On the Verge’ is not based on a real story. Delpy, best known for his ‘An American Werewolf in Paris’ and ‘People’ trilogy, has created a series based on a screen game he wrote with Landeau. The latter has received write credits for all episodes except the pilot. In addition, Emily Ryan Lerner has been praised for giving teleplay episode 10 titled ‘Lip Wax.’

According to Delpy, he made his character, Justine, a French chef because that’s what he always wanted to do if he wasn’t a filmmaker. “… Of course, one of the two things I love most in the world is cooking,” she said in an interview. “I like to cook for hours. I have always been fascinated by chefs because they are so talented. I also see when I cook with my son that cooking is a sign of love. ”

The plot is complex with social views, but it does not appear as a sermon because of the humor of the show and sometimes the humorous jokes. The four opponents are from different financial backgrounds, and their responses to various social issues often differ.

For example, Ell, who has financial problems, understands homelessness better than his friends. He even allows the father of one of his children to live outside his home in a tent because he has nowhere to go.

Motherhood is one of the most important aspects of ‘On the Verge.’ And it is a recurring theme in some of Delpy’s works. In his interview in December 2020, he suggested why he felt so powerful about it. She said, “I feel that feminism has not succeeded in uniting the concept of motherhood.

Especially in America, many women have had to choose between mothers and their jobs. It is not easy for a woman to continue working with children here. “

As mentioned above, the show took place before the arrival of the Covid-19 in Los Angeles. However, as it progressed, rumors about the epidemic began to circulate. The conclusion ends with the media director talking about the epidemic. Life will change dramatically in these characters now, as it has changed in humans in the real world. So, ‘On the Verge’ is not based on a real story, but is completely understandable if someone thinks so.


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