Is Official Secrets Based on a Real Story?

Official Secrets

‘Official Secrets The Real story of British intelligence detective Katharine Gun who – before the Iraq invasion of 2003 – came out with a very secretive NSA record exposing a joint operation of the United States and UK spy agencies against members of the UN Security Council. The memo proposed black member states vote for war.

It’s a 2019 crime game based on the actions of a young civil servant who stumbles upon state secrets that explode and then decide to expose them to the public. The film follows a whistle that receives this memo and, realizing that it may be illegal and destructive, decides to expose its content. The ensuing media storm and depressing trial are also on display.

The story of the film Official Secrets depicts a high-level conspiracy with the government between the intelligence departments of the two superpowers. But how much of this movie is based on real-life? Did the whistle try to stop the war? Here are some facts that could be a pillar of the fact of reality… let’s examined them….’Official Secrets’.

Is ‘Official Secrets’ on a Real Story?


Yes, the Official Secrets is based on fact. The film is based on the 2008 book ‘The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War: Katharine Gun and The Secret Plot to Sanction of the Iraq Invasion by Marcia and Thomas Mitchell. The book, along with the following film, follows the actions of British spy Katharine Gun, who has revealed that the British and American governments were in the process of testing foreign strategists who did not fully support the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

At the time, Gun, 27, was a translator at the GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham. The most popular invitation he has now outlined how the National Security Agency will affect the interaction of member states of the UN Security Council who are about to vote on the proposed Iraq attack. Ambassadors from Chile, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Guinea, Angola, and Cameroon are expected to be targeted for threats.

Aside from other cinematic attempts to tell Gun’s amazing story, ‘Official Secrets’ is the first to be successfully made and remains close to the previous translator’s account of what happened. Director Gavin Hood, best known for his 2015 film ‘Eye in the Sky’ (about the ethical challenges of drone strikes), was heavily involved in writing this essay. When Gun first arrived with the idea, he and Hood spent about five days talking, preparing a story and facts. As for the finished product, after watching it during the show, Gun said he felt like he was looking at a case very similar to his own.

The second part of the film also goes into the tumultuous process of making an explosive memo published in a newspaper. After making a copy, the whistle first passed to the acquaintance of the text, eventually reaching the journalist Martin Bright of The Observer. He, along with other colleagues, had to fight the escalating war in order to get the story published because of its remarkable results and retribution for those who supported the war. Bright is also said to have been involved in the production of the film. Interestingly, Gun did not know about Bright’s side of the story until a film came out that he did not realize how far the reporter had gone to cover the story.

The Official Secrets is a film that focuses on the hardships and details of what happened to its audience. The director of the film, in an interview, elaborated on how he was careful in decorating the movie with objects to make it extremely violent. According to him, the fact that the film portrays real events brought the narrative closer in its own way, which should have been preserved.

Gun, in turn, expressed relief that the events were now part of a larger discussion because of the film and that he could end up talking about it without pressure. If you look at the support they received from their central character and the journalist who helped to get the story published, ‘Official Secrets’ is an accurate entry into the events that took place. The matter is handled on its own, and considering that it is centered on bringing out the truth, the film, too, remains faithful to the truth.


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