Is Intrusion Movie Based on a Real Story?


 ‘Intrusion’, the threat is often well hidden within the safe boundaries of the home. Directed by Adam Salky, ‘Intrusion’ is a well-executed home movie that turns the trope in its head. The story revolves around the Parsons family – Henry and Meera – moving to their New Mexico resort overlooking the mountains. Henry is a veteran architect who designed the house, and Meera is a cancer survivor. However, soon after the settlement, the couple was threatened with several burglaries.

In another incident, Henry kills two intruders and injures another, starting a story. At first, it seems Henry has pulled the trigger, but as Meera continues to descend into the rabbit hole, the tragedy unfolds a great secret bound to her husband and home. While the pulp thriller may be predictable, it still packs enough twists and turns to engage with genre fans. Movies that hit home a few decades ago have repeatedly said that buying a new home is a bad idea, but you may want to know if the story is bound to be true. Know about Intrusion movie story.

Is Intrusion a Real Story?

No, ‘Intrusion’ does not depend on the real story. The movie is directed by Adam Salky based on screenwriter Chris Sparling. The screenwriter is known for works such as Ryan Reynolds ‘Buried’ car and the 2012 horror thriller ‘ATM.’ The movie may appear to have been ripped from the pages of a newspaper, and some parts of the story of the domestic violence are a fact of life. Due to the lack of shelter, the Land of Enchantment is prone to such attacks on homes. However, much of the story is just a myth, as it borrows different genres from earlier businesses like ‘American Psycho. ‘

However, even though it was the basis for the design, the project remained close to the director’s heart. In the words of the director himself, he made movies only where he felt like personal contact. When he came across the text, it was suspicious and surprising, full of twists and turns. The edge of the thrilling chair, however, had a profound human meaning to the director, as he was very sympathetic to Meera’s character.

Meera, in a movie, survived breast cancer, and we know that Salky’s best friend experienced similar results. Such a journey can make a person stronger or break that person. However, the director saw his friend recovering from this deadly disease, so he could follow Meera’s journey. The character management in this document turned out to be a reality for him, and he became part of the project. So, even though the movie is a fictional story, the human touch keeps the story tied for real reasons.


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