Facts & Fiction: Is Extracurricular a Real Story? ‘Some mistakes cannot be erased.’


Directed by Jin-min Kim, the ‘Extracurricular’ series of the 2020 South-crime-drama series. Surrounded by Oh Jisoo (Kim Dong-Hee), who is a role model in his class. But in fact, what the teachers and other students do not know is that Jisoo runs a security business that provides protection for new sex workers. Jisoo’s parents abandoned him when he was a child, and he urgently needed a way to earn a living.

‘Extracurricular’ offers an irresistible and timeless look in a dark underground hole. If you’ve ever wondered if real events promote ‘Extracurricular,’ we’ve got it. Determined to escape a life of death, a gifted high school student turns to the world of serious crime to make sure he can pay for college.

Facts & Fiction: Is Extracurricular a Real Story?

‘Extracurricular’ is not entirely based on real facts. Screenwriter Jin Han-sae said in an email address that he had used his experience as a New Zealand high school student to write ‘Additional texts.’ “I saw a child selling cigarettes to his friends and, I thought, even though we attended the same high school, we lived in two very different universities,” he recalls.

In the fall of 2018, Han-sae began working on the script after learning about the involvement of many young people in organized crime in the news media. “I wanted to think seriously about the answer to the children’s question ‘why is a crime so bad,'” explains Han-sae. “I even used the topic of youth and prostitution because I believed that, in order to get a critical answer to that important question, we needed to touch the part of our society that we find so uncomfortable and painful to deal with. ‘Extracurricular’ can be a matter of digging into that wound. ”


About the time of the start of the show, South Korea was rocked by a horrific Nth Room trial. From 2018 to 2020, videos exposing sex to more than a hundred victims, including dozens of minors, are reportedly being broadcast on Telegram. While ‘Extracurricular is finally a fictional story, Han-sae said he hopes his work will give the public a chance to express themselves.

Another theme the screenwriter wants to refer to as ‘Extracurricular’ is the complete neglect of adults. He said, “Everyone becomes an adult over time. Naturally, people do not care about the past and the voices of young people are easily silenced. Many adults claim that adolescents face an entirely different world and that they are in for a rude awakening. For children, however, it is an undeniable fact that they can feel like a cold winter. I believe such an idea should be expressed. ”

‘Extracurricular’ is not a typical Korean youth program, which often focuses on very simple themes. Instead, the show raises a mirror in society, allowing us to see our serious flaws and how we are failing miserably in the new generation. While ‘Extracurricular’ can be based on fact, it is understandable if one thinks so.


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