Know About Imperfect High Movie Filming Locations

Imperfect High

‘Imperfect High’ is a drama movie focused on Hanna Brooks, a typical teenager who just wants to get into Lakewood High School. Moving to a new school is already a challenge for adults like her, but Hanna’s anxiety disorder makes things very difficult. To make matters worse, Lakewood High School suffered a string of tragedies over drug abuse a few years ago. Unfortunately, his attempts to expire to join Brooks’ beloved children and the wrong crowd, endangered his life and forced his mother to take immediate action.

The ‘Perfect High’ series tells the story of teen anxiety, substance abuse, and drug abuse that might impress viewers and make one want to know more about the film. In the event that you wish to know about its production, origin, or caste details, do not proceed further. Imperfect High.

Imperfect High Movie Filming Locations

Imperfect High movie was recorded mostly in British Columbia. Production of the drama movie began on March 8, 2021, and was wrapped up a few weeks later March 26, 2021. The shooting took place almost entirely in the Lower Mainland region, which is made up of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Now that we have a standard view of film production,

Langley, British Columbia Location

‘Imperfect High’ was also shot in Langley. Located in the Metro Vancouver District, 40 minutes away from Hollywood North. Langley Christian High School, located at 22702 48 Avenue, Langley, British Columbia V2Z 2T6 is doubled as Lakewood High School. The campus is still spread over an area of ​​18 acres, and some of the most important scenes in the movie are shot there.

Vancouver, British Columbia Location

Siobhan director Devine was shot mostly in Vancouver. The prosperous western port city is known for its film industry, scenic landscapes, and diverse people. The region annually hosts the production of about 55 television dramas and 65 movies, which talk about their impact on the entertainment industry in the Great White North. The recording of this drama is reported to have taken place in many parts of the city.


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