How Meri Brown Has Made Her Own Troubles Over The Years

Meri Brown
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Meri Brown is a favorite star of Sister Wives’ fans who often finds sympathy for her by enduring her emotionally strained relationship with Kody Brown, but Meri has to answer for the game she wakes up on her own. Of course, Meri from Sister Wives has been mistreated by her husband and other sisters, but some viewers think the real star is well-versed. From putting pressure on his relationship with his sister’s wives into his misguided business endeavors, that’s why some of Sister Wives’ followers think Meri isn’t so innocent.

With the departure of her Sister Wives tour, viewers joined in behind Meri to support her through the difficult events she faced in her difficult marriage. Unfortunately, Kody seems to be ignoring his relationship with Meri. Meri Brown is Kody’s first wife and their marriage dates back to 1990.

Sadly, the couple’s marriage has not yet fully developed, in part according to Kody’s three wives whom he chose to spend time with. Kody has been outraged by his treatment of Meri, even saying he “regrets” his relationship with his first wife. Understandably, Meri has found sympathy for Sister Wives fans who think Kody has put Meri in the wrong place. While Meri Brown is the victim of Kody’s neglect, she is also involved in creating problems over the years.

Another major problem Sister Wives’ followers have with Meri is her inability to resolve issues with her husband and sister-in-law. From time to time, Meri explains that she has trouble trusting members of her family because she has been hurt before. When some women try to reach Meri, their efforts often fail. Meri said she was just very protected.

Some viewers think that Meri has ended up with her sister’s compassion and makes them try harder to help her. It looks like Meri has been caught in the act of isolating herself from her peers in an attempt to arouse more sympathy, instead of dealing with the low points in her marriage to Kody. If she really suffers, many of Sister Wives’ fans think it would be best for Meri to leave the Brown family permanently.

The popular opinion is that Meri Brown is comfortable with the game in her life as she benefits from acting in Sister Wives. If Meri leaves Kody (and her ex-wives), she may not have the fame or the money that comes with being a famous TV star. Meri’s business efforts are also a problem. While fans supported Meri’s financial independence, she made many mistakes on the way to wealth.

Most notably, Meri Brown works with LulaRoe, a company that is accused of being a pyramid scheme. By continuing to sell sales for a business that is likely to be enthusiastic, Meri shows that she is not clean enough to work with a suspicious company to make money. Meri appears to be hypocritical in playing the victim while working for the company that the attorney general of Washington issuing.

All in all, Meri Brown has had a stressful trip to Sister Wives due to her husband’s coldness to her, but fans don’t think Meri Brown is thinking about the role of the victim. From refusing to resolve her and her family’s disputes to promoting a company suspected of corruption, Meri Brown is no stranger to controversy. Hopefully, Meri will stop playing the victim and start making the much-needed changes for Sister Wives.


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