James Wan Said How Malignant Is The Horror Version of Frozen


James Wan (Director ) explains that his new film, Malignant, is actually a horror genre of Frozen. Disney’s 2013 animated film was a huge success in its release and featured a lasting favorite, with her sister Anna and Elsa becoming well-known characters in the studio. Wan’s film, which was released in both theaters and HBO Max on September 10 this year.

Malignant’s foundation concerns a young woman named Madison as Annabelle Wallis who, after a domestic attack that kills her abusive husband and causes her to have a miscarriage, begins to see visions of a mysterious murderer. When he finds out that this murder is actually happening, he is forced to review the past before he is accepted and evokes memories of his supposed friend Gabriel. Next, as anyone who has seen you can attest, is a complete online of bonkers that has promoted a divisive response from critics and audiences.

At first glance, it may seem strange to put Malignant and Frozen in the same conversation, but that’s what Wan did on the scale from comicbook.com. Speaking openly about the end of his film, the horrible director says he was eager to explore the relationship between the adopted siblings of Madison and his sister, Sydney as Maddie Hasson, and fellow storyteller Ingrid Bisu wanted to tell a love story. The end result, he says, is similar to Frozen:

How Malignant Is The Horror Version of Frozen


Here he has a story about Madison with his blood relatives, his blood relative, who was Gabriel, who turns out to be a terrible man. But his adopted sister, not a blood relative by any means, is actually his closest contact. He is the one who is most loving. And I felt like that was a very interesting story to come up with that idea.

And for Ingrid, she loves the idea of ​​telling a love story, but it’s not a love story between the two hours. It is a story of love between the two sisters. And I love that. I’ve never seen that in a horror movie at least at this stage. And it’s funny that we call it a joke, it’s like the horror version of Frozen.

It’s like Anna and [Elsa]. But it’s actually similar to the horror version of Frozen. The love of my sister is a sister’s obligation. And one of the many themes the film faces is the idea that you can approach people who do not share blood relationships? And what we want to say in this film is possible.

Wan goes on to say that Madison spends Malignant searching for the blood connection he thought he had lost and eventually finds out that it was Gabriel, whose relationship he was real too. In the end, he realizes that he already had the responsibility he wanted in Sydney and that he had chosen him earlier than Gabriel. “And we just felt that that was the most important thing in the film,” said Wan.

The emphasis on sibling relationships is clear in the film, and the sisterhood love between Madison and Sydney proves to be crucial in how Malignant solves her third twisted act. Wan’s emphasis on the accepted relationship also reflects the sensitivity of having Madison’s birth mother in which she will witness the moment of Elsa and Anna between them but keep her a distant observer.

So, there are a few similarities between Malignant and Frozen – although fans of the old Disney should make sure they are able to have an abortion before they can see for themselves.


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