Amazon Announced Hanna Season 3 Release Date, With New Trailer

Hanna Season 3

Hanna’s Amazon Prime Video Season 2 ended with a reunion of super-assassin with Marissa to continue their fight with the CIA’s UTRAX program, paving the way for an exciting Hanna Season 3. Amazon recently dropped its first season 3 trailer, with a release date as part of its New York Comic-Con visual panel.

The trailer sees Hanna fighting in the aftermath of the war, as UTRAX program head John Carmichael warns his colleagues, “In this war, anything goes.” The student also shows Rayonotans’ Ray Liotta’s attempt to turn Marissa against Hanna by asking her to let him in, promising that no harm will come to the wearer.

Hanna Season 3 Release Date

While the trailer is just mocking that Hanna Season 3 is “coming soon,” Amazon has announced that the series will return to Prime Video’s streaming service for its new season on November 23, 2021. The trailer began airing as part of Hanna’s starring host Esme Creed-Miles, Dermot Mulroney, Mireille Enos, great producer Tom Coan, Adam Bessa, and Ray Liotta.

Hanna’s media ad was mocked, “Hanna Season 3 continues the journey of a strange woman, played by Esmé Creed-Miles, created by the evil organization Utrax and trained to be a murderer.

Hanna (Creed-Miles) is now secretly trying to destroy Utrax inside and free herself in its capture with the help of her previous nemesis, former CIA lawyer Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos). Daly) and Jules (Gianna Kiehl), and new enemies are beginning to suspect Hanna’s conspiracy. As Hanna approaches her goal, she begins to unravel not only the world’s changing agenda but the true power of Utrax standing between her and freedom. “

In addition, Coan explained to the panel that when it comes to Hanna and Marissa, former enemies and current allies, Hanna Season 3 will see them “treating each other as equals… there is real acceptance as two houses of power.” He also revealed what the audience can expect from Liotta’s new character.

“You see Ray Liotta and he’s dangerous and dangerous and complicated, and that’s one of the forces that always brings to the screen.” Finally, Coan went on to say, “Hanna is very special, I love her very much if she could reach young women the way I would like to be reached … so that’s the best I could hope for.”


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