Halloween Kills: Petition Launched for Firefighter Scene Will Be Removed

Halloween Kills

An application for Change.org has been launched seeking the removal of the Halloween Kills scene showing Michael Myers killing the first responders.

“I want a place [removed] from the new Halloween Kills movie where it shows the Killing of Firefighters,” the protesters said. “It’s not right because firefighters were lured into burning houses and killed by a firefighter. And it’s not right for Michael to kill firefighters with gears from other firefighters who killed them.”

Halloween Kills

The explanation goes on to say, “As soon as I became a firefighter I found it very annoying and so have retired mothers and fathers. So I want that scene taken out of the movie. “That is because it has happened in real life. As I said before the firefighters were attracted to lighting fires and were killed by a certain mind in real life.”

The controversial petition, entitled “stop the killing of firefighters,” was lodged in June following the release of a trailer for Halloween Kills, which shows fragments of the situation in question. Halloween (2018) ends with Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) exploding her home and Michael Myers being trapped in the basement. The trailer shows the next film going on where Halloween has ended, probably with the incident mentioned at the top of the film.

As the day for the release of Halloween Kills draws to a close, the program has attracted the attention of fans of the franchise and has even sparked a petition challenging the theme “stop the call to end the killings of firefighters in Halloween Kills 2021.” The opposition petition received around 300 signatures; So far, the original application received only 12 signatures.

“A petition has recently been launched at change.org for the removal of firefighters from the new Halloween film, Halloween Kills,” reads a petition. “I would like it to end as almost everyone who has been killed in all the horror movies has ever had a job … Murder is what these movies are obviously saying. Actually, no one is hurt in making this movie I guarantee. Every request is stupid. I’m sure there is a huge crowd of fans. Halloween they will agree. You’ll help me keep Michael Myers [in business] …. thank you. “

Halloween Kills is expected will be released from the play on October 15, 2021.


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