Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date & Synopsis

Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11.” Girlfriend, Girlfriend ‘or’ Kanojo mo Kanojo ‘is a love and comedy anime based on the Japanese Hiroyuki manga series. The series revolves around a typical high school student named Naoya Mukai, who admits to falling in love with her classmate Nagisa when she confesses her feelings about him. But there is a twist in the love story as he already has a girlfriend named Saki Saki. When Naoya realizes she can’t lie to him, she manages to reassure him of her love of three ways with Nagisa’s help.

It marks the beginning of their unrelated relationship as the three begin to make school life, their complex relationships, and other unexpected challenges. Know about Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11 is ‘Hot Spring Tropes,’ which will be aired on September 11, 2021, in Japan. It will play on MBS Network, TBS Network, BS-TBS Network, and AT-X Network at different times. The series is being developed by Tezuka Production and Satoshi Kuwahara who assist the directors with Miki Sakurai and Tatsuhiko Saiki working as composers. 

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11 Synopsis

In Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 10, Saki and Nagisa still find themselves angry at Naoya’s first kiss. Surprisingly, Shino asks to have a private conversation with him, but before he can say anything, his two girlfriends take him shopping to prepare for the hot spring day. Seeing that the two of them would try to move, Nagisa voluntarily asks to be back while Saki Saki kisses for the first time with her ex-boyfriend. The duo seems to have built up a big bond over time, and now they are willing to sacrifice each other.

Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 8j

Later, Nagisa helps Saki Saki buy clothes that look strangely fashionable as she has a bad fashion sense. When they return home, Naoya feels that they are being watched, but her girlfriends are interrupting her. However, her feelings turned out to be just right as Rika could see her from a distance while they were buying clothes. He hears their plan to go to the hot spring and decides to follow the three. Surprisingly, Shino also calls Saki Saki and asks about the date. When they arrived at their inn in a different city, they found Rika waiting for them there.

When he tries to get closer, Shino comes out and scares everyone. You will know for sure whether Naoya has two or not. However, as soon as they think they have been exposed, Nagisa lies that she arrived in the hot spring with Rika. He later sends a message to Saki Saki that he will take care of Rika and Shino so that he can peacefully fall in love with Naoya.

However, conditions are not acceptable for Naoya, who climbs a wall and enters Rika and Nagisa’s room while they bathe. In Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11, Rika will use this opportunity to try to persuade Naoya to separate from her girlfriends. Meanwhile, Saki Saki and Nagisa will have to find themselves looking for a way to enjoy their day while avoiding Shino’s allegations.


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