Girlfriend, Girlfriend: Episode 2 Reveals Nagisa’s Biggest Weakness


The harem situation in Girlfriend, Girlfriend is getting faster and faster in Episode 2, where the characters start to get fleshy and do a lot of things – especially Nagisa. Our first impression of her was an innocent, ignorant, kind girl. But “How Nagisa Feels” begins to dig deeper into who he is and his motives.

Girlfriend: Reveals Nagisa’s Biggest Weakness

In addition, Episode 2 shows Nagisa’s serious weakness – and it’s actually Naoya. While Nagisa seems to have a lot of flaws, her devotion to Naoya is what hurts her the most.

n Episode 1 of Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Nagisa told Naoya when she pleaded guilty that she had spent three months working hard to improve herself so there was a good chance she would accept him. These small details go under the radar all the way to Episode 2 when Nagisa admits that during those three months, she too had dropped out of school. This now leaves him friendless and far behind in his studies. Soon Naoya asks for help to participate and Saki also joins.


But it soon became clear that Nagisa was not ready for school. When he can’t find the answer to the math question, he puts himself in the bathroom for more than three hours while trying to find it privately. When he tries to play it, he is far behind compared to his classmates.

Saki feels it is best for Nagisa to distance herself from Naoya so that other students do not know about their new relationship together. Nagisa has no problem with this setup, even though she has no real friends at school. People who only know Saki and Naoya. 

All of this shows that Naoya is a major weakness of Nagisa. To win his love, he was willing to set aside his education and any other goals that he might have had. Even now, as Naoya’s new girlfriend, she puts her needs ahead of her own. He is determined to separate himself from the two people he knows at school simply because it will make Naoya’s life easier. She is also determined to risk her future by going back to her studies for three months all to make Naoya happy with her cooking and her body.

While Nagisa is not yet perfect, she is beginning to reveal more about her personality, especially in the context of their three-dimensional relationship. Appropriately, she will surpass another anime girl who stays with her boyfriend, but so far, Naoya is the only thing on her mind, to the point of exhausting her.


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