Family Karma

In episode 2 of ‘Family Karma’ episode 4, the gang is preparing for a Halloween party when Vishal and Dillon decide to call for an agreement. The last match that covered the team was confusing after Anisha and Monica faced their disagreement. Besides, Amrit is experiencing a critical time in the house.

For a quick update on the latest episode, you can check out our extensive recap set out below. Before the start of the next episode, here’s what we can expect from ‘Family Karma’ season 2 episode 5.

‘Family Karma Season 2 Episode 5’ Aired Date

Family Karma season 2 episode 5 “Family Blessings” will be aired on June 30, 2021, at 9 PM ET on Bravo Network. The network releases new episodes every week, and each episode has an operating time of about 55 minutes.

‘Family Karma Season 2 Episode 5’ Synopsis

Family Karma

In the next episode of ‘Family Karma’ season 2, the focus can shift to Amrit and his family trying to put his grandmother on the board about his grandson’s behavior.

Being an old woman in Indian society, she may find it difficult to understand. In the meantime, Monica and Anisha can continue to work on their friendships.

‘Family Karma Season 2 Episode 4’ Review

Family Karma

In episode 2 of ‘Family Karma’ episode 4, the rivalry between Dillon and Vishal finally shows a hint of stability. Before the Halloween party begins for peace between the two, we see Amrit’s parents trying to work to tell his grandmother about his sexuality, and they all agree to send his mother to bring the news.

Going forward, Monica and Rishi spend a lot of time in her house, and from what we have seen, she seems to like to let things grow between them.

However, she is still reeling from the traumatic aftermath of her father’s divorce from her mother, which has forced her to have a clear idea of ​​what her future holds.

In this strong proclamation, her mother responds that life is meant to be uncertain. For one thing, Amrit and Dillon’s commitment to each other through their shared homosexuality. Although Dillon points out that his beef with Vishal exposed the emotional trauma, Amrit thinks Dillon’s handling of the rumors was very dangerous.

At the Halloween party, Vishal goes to Dillon to apologize to him. He accepts them, and they part ways by calling him “brother.” We also see Anisha holding her inappropriate jokes and determined to end them when Monica admits that she has a problem getting rid of her anger.


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