Facts & Fiction : ‘Pretty Smart – 2021’ Is a Real Story ?

Pretty Smart

Created and written by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand, ‘Pretty Smart’ follows Harvard’s self-taught Harvard, who is forced to move in with his tireless sister and the three people he lives with in eccentric. Hijinx is full as the top brow Chelsea are trying to work on his novel while being surrounded by an immoral team that finds itself living with it.

This comedy series has 10 episodes that have been released on 8 Oct 2021 on Netflix. The show has an organized sitcom of sitcoms, with a conflict personality that fits perfectly with the rest of the gang. Yes, now you would be quite curious to know about the story that you eagerly waiting for, lets see the real facts of the story.

‘Pretty Smart- 2021’ Is a Real Story?

Pretty Smart

 The sitcom was created and written by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand, who are credited with an impressive list of television comedies. The actors who created the show seem to draw on their experience of building a rich sitcom power that can continue to bring laughter through many episodes and seasons.

Dolgen and Mand once starred in the comedy music series – ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and took on many roles behind the scenes. It is interesting to note that the character between ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is also an educated Ivy-League scientist (lawyer, in this case) who unexpectedly moves to California, like Chelsea in ‘Pretty Smart.’ This “fish-out-of-water” setup – which takes the character into a strange place that eventually changes their perspective – is a well-known tool used by writers.


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It helps to introduce the audience to the story and its characters because they, like the “off the water” protagonist, are also unfamiliar with the setting of the show. Some of the best show out there, such as ‘Futurama,’ Bel-Air’s The Fresh Prince, and recently the Apple Emmy Award-winning Ted Lasso, are successfully using this trope to create rich stories and layered landscapes.

Another ‘Pretty Smart’ rich gold comedy site comes, as expected, to a group of quirky characters. Along with her sister Claire, Chelsea finds herself living in LA with a therapist, a social media promoter, and a coach of lesser stamina. This makes it possible to develop a variety of fun and energy situations between each character. Considering how both Dolgen and Mand were involved in ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ which featured one of the character’s most memorable characters in recent sitcom history, it’s easy to see from where ‘Pretty Smart’ partially finds its inspiration.

Like many sitcoms for multiple cameras, ‘Pretty Smart’ is based on fictional characters designed to be fun and funny. The show’s creators once worked together on comedy television and used some well-known drones to set things up. The show highlights real-life events and plays on modern beliefs such as the promoters of comfortable communication and spiritual deception. However, all of this is done for the sake of humor, and the narrative remains almost a myth.


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