Facts & Fiction: Is The Five Juanas, a Real Story?

The Five Juanas

The Five Juanas (originally titled: ‘La Venganza de las Juanas’) is a pulpy, melodramatic, and wacky telenovela. Maintains the content of fans of the genre with black and stylistic images, boring sex scenes, and the irritating spirit of mystery. Five women, all named Juana, have the same birthmark. According to the will, they revolted at the same hotel, and with enough effort, an earthquake brought them closer to paradise.

After revealing each other’s secrets, the girls realize that their pasts are connected in some way. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of Simon Marroquin, a well-known politician who may or may not have played a part in the mystery surrounding the “fish” birthmarks. After its screening, the show was well received by the media, and critics were indifferent to kitsch guilty of telenovela entertainment. However, you may be curious as to whether this almost unbelievable story is being removed from the headlines. If that is what you are asking for, let us try to find the answers.

Facts & Fiction: Is The Five Juanas, A Real Story?

The Five Juanas is not based on a true story. Jimena Romero has created a miracle to sit in your seat from a story written by someone other than the creator’s father. The exhibition is the conversion of Bernardo Romero Pereira’s 1997 Colombian film ‘Las Juanas.’ An international telenovela, the story was filtered into multiple spinoffs and adaptable. Bernardo Romero himself brought back the story to Mexican viewers in ‘Las Juanas’, which began airing from 6 September 2004, to 4 March 2005. The same idea was revived in ‘Moon Daughters’ (first title: ‘Hijas De La Luna’), another Mexico’s 82-episode telenovela that airs in June 2018.

The Five Juanas’ therefore, is nothing new and unprecedented, and Latin American audiences should be familiar with the subject. But now, with the involvement of Netflix, and with the grace of a strong character and excellent production quality, the show is guaranteed by a wide audience. The story is woven so that the future is full everywhere; characters have little space to exercise free will. The ending brings them together, and the future decides to move the story forward.

And yet, the seamless power within the cast ensemble keeps the show alive. Zuria Vega, Juanita Arias, Sofia Engberg, Oka Giner, and Renata Notni wrote the main roles of five Juana, and their chemistry keeps the drama pure. The characters portray their characters in a very significant order, and they help to bring out the amazing quotient of the object in a spectacular way. The camera retains a disturbing view and focuses heavily on the characters ’speeches, which may remind you of‘ Mr. A robot. ”

The Five Juanas

The dark and disturbing palette of the game also draws on themes and themes from previously popular telenovelas, such as ‘La Reina del Sur’ and ‘Cable Girls.’ The story, The Five Juanas, may be predictable, especially for those who found Colombia’s first telenovela or one of its two characters. However, the creator has maintained a modern order during this time and has revived the series to make the broadcast system more efficient. Although completely mythical, the re-emergence stands out in the crowd, thanks to the distinctive touch of the director and the kindness of the leading group.


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