Know About Emma Roberts And Jamie Lynn Spears’ Friendship

Emma Roberts
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Emma Roberts and Jamie Lynn Spears hold a special place in all our hearts. Whether you wish you were Jet X’ing around the Pacific Coast Academy or writing a song in your bedroom like Addie Singer in “Unfabulous” as a child, Emma Roberts and Spears were two icons in the mid-2000s.

Although they are Nickelodeon icons together, the two are very similar to what you think. Both Emma Roberts and Spears are the same age – at the time of this writing, they are both 30 years old. They both have famous relatives – S Spears is his older sister, Roberts and Britney Spears is his aunt Julia Roberts. And both of their shows took on the same themes as Roberts who plays Addie Singer, who tries to get into junior high but still finds himself in a disgraceful situation.

While Spears played Zoey Brooks on “Zoey 101,” who recently moved on to the boys’ center, PCA, and tries to fit in with new girls and go through life and romance at the same time. While Emma Roberts and Spars shared many similarities in the early 2000s, did they share friendships? Keep reading to find out.

The Two are Only Friend, But Not Close Friends

While some millenniums would like to see their childhood photos become great friends, these two don’t seem to be great friends – but that doesn’t mean they’re not friends at all. As their shows compete for a recording, both of which are between 2005-2007, we can only assume that they may have been friends at least. 

According to page six in 2019, after Jamie Lynn Spears posted a mock photo of “Zoey 101”, Emma Roberts reportedly commented on the cat’s eye emoji in the photo. In 2020, when Emma Roberts announced that he was expecting his first child with his partner, Garrett Hedlund, Spears commented on the photo, “This makes me very happy, BIG congrats,” by each HelloGiggles.

The two are obviously friendly to each other – who else can understand the pressures of famous family members and the growth of your career at the same time as these two? But their careers took a different approach after the end of their Nickelodeon days. Keep reading to find out where they got their jobs from.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Emma Roberts Profession Now

After the end of “Zoey 101,” Jamie Lynn Spears has appeared on the Tv screen. At the end of the series, S Spears was only 16 years old and had just announced that she was pregnant. She told Cosmopolitan in 2016 that she didn’t just take time off the TV, she was thinking about her future, saying, “I really needed to grow up to be the right woman for my daughter.”

Now, S Spears is focused on his music career in his country rather than TV. He released an EP in 2014 called “The Journey” followed by a single in 2016 called “Sleepover.” Spears told Cosmopolitan that although people wanted to see him perform again, at the time it was “about my music.” He returned, however, back to work on restarting the “Zoey 101”, albeit on air, with the J-14.

As for Emma Roberts, while singing during his Nickelodeon days, he chose to continue acting instead of singing after leaving “Unfabulous.” You may even know him from his later work than he did from childhood.

She is best known for starring in “Scream Queens,” “American Horror Story,” and “We Are Riders,” among many others. Roberts told Nylon that director Ryan Murphy helped change his life and career, saying, “… He just gave me a lot of responsibility, as an actor, and I always loved that.” While the two end up in different places, it’s good to know that they still support each other.


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