Death Parade: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?

Death Parade

The Death Parade anime has provided a stunning and amazing look that takes place between life and death. Featuring a bartender of souls and a never-ending battle to determine the afterlife, the anime is the work of the prestigious Madhouse studio.

It’s been six years since the release of Season 1, however, what makes the series now forgotten in good programming. With its lack of potential media outlets and the growing period of peace from Madhouse, Death Parade is likely to be dead on its own. Here’s what the anime means, as well as what we know about the second possible season.

Death Parade Season 2 What to Expect

As mentioned, the show was released in 2015, and there have been no issues regarding the sequence or follow-up since then. Lack of continuity is not a common feature of Madhouse anime, however. This studio is known for producing only one season’s show – especially if it’s a real series based on a previous lie or a simple novel.

Although there was a short film that preceded it, Death Parade has already expanded on the concepts of that movie slightly considering its length of 12 episodes. Therefore, proceeding from there may require much more effort than accepting a previously listed asset. Combined with the magnitude of the season since Season 1, the most common scenario is that Madhouse simply went ahead with no plans to make future seasons.

The Plot Of Death Parade

Dear Parade appeared in the episode of Madhouse’s former film Death Billiards, in which two men, one young and one old, were playing billiards in a tavern – before realizing they were dead. The movie came out in 2013, with the adaptation of the anime Death Parade coming out two years later. The relationship between bartender Decim and his assistant Chiyuki has been tested throughout the process and forms part of the final conclusion.

The Decim bar is the place where the deceased is sent before the fate is decided after his death. In the queue, they continue to play the game of Death which decides whether they will be reborn in another life or just wiped out with nothing. These episodes were self-contained as they came together, making the unique foundation of the story stand out even more.


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