Cobra Kai Star Teases His Character Breaking Bad in Season 4

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai actor Tanner Buchanan, who plays the role of Robby Keene, has mocked the perfect opportunity for his character on the “dark side” in the upcoming fourth season of the popular Netflix show.

Cobra Kai Season 4

Buchanan recently appeared in the Just for Variety podcast episode and discussed what Season 4 of Cobra Kai has in store for Robby. “The only thing I can say about my character is that, you know, he turns to the dark side because a lot of people have played him in the past. And he’s tired of that,” the actor explained. “However, this season, he still has a lot to do. But I think this season is the best time, especially in his life, when he will decide which road to take. You know, which road will affect his whole life. And he makes that decision.”

In Cobra Kai’s earlier times, Robby was one of the show’s moral agents, defending the many toxic ways that described his father Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) in his youth. However, in Season 3, he has already started his descent into a dangerous area. Having never had a good relationship with Johnny and having lost contact with his mentor Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), he turns to John Kreese (Martin Kove) for guidance and support.

Kreese, is one of the most well-known Karate Kid franchises, having first appeared in the first film as Johnny’s karate coach before returning to phase II and III. With Kreese set to become his new mentor, Robby is likely to be on a much darker path in Season 4. However, Buchanan also revealed that his character could find redemption in the upcoming episodes.

Cobra Kai took place 34 years after the original film events and explores the adult lives of the main characters and their rivals Daniel and Johnny. While the show focuses on these two men and their difficult history, it also features a new generation of dojo fighters, including Robby.

Kreese is not the only opponent guaranteed to appear in Season 4. As previously reported, actor Thomas Ian Griffith also plays his role as Terry Silvers.

The first 3 seasons of Cobra Kai are currently available for streaming on Netflix, and Cobra Kai Season 4 is expected to start broadcasting in December.


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