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Although fans may not believe it, Chet Hanks is the son of Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Young Hanks left the internet going back in March when he announced he was going to have a “white boy in the summer”. Whether Chet is real or a professional troll, one question remains on everyone’s mind: How did Forrest Gump give birth to him on earth?

Chet Hanks Relationship With His Parents

Chet Hank’s relationship with his parents was strained. Over the years, there have been ups and downs, but Tom and Rita have done their best to support him despite his conflicts.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s first child, Chet Hanks didn’t feel like going inside. After all, he called himself the “black sheep” of the family. His younger brother Truman, 25, is Tom’s doppelganger and not very bright, while his younger brother Colin, from his father’s first wedding, continues the beautiful picture made by elder Chet Hanks.

Meanwhile, Chet Hanks has been called embarrassed in some way because of his cultural distribution of black people, which is affecting Jamaican deer.

It turns out that the undisputed Truman may be the beloved Hanks, son. This led Chet Hanks to vent his concern for his seemingly perfect younger brother. In 2012, 16-year-old Truman provided the Reddit AMA in which he spoke about his relationship with Chet: “He was much older than I was when we were younger, so when I annoyed him (which was a lot) he would make me (very) angry.”

To the surprise of Redditers, Chet Hanks actually responded to these words with a simple response “I love you bro”, which led to users discovering his NSFW Reddit interests, which eventually led him to delete his account. But that’s another day’s story …

The success of being the child of wealthy celeb parents does not have to worry about huge student debt. Similarly, Tom and Rita funded Chet’s education at the prestigious North East University, which is widely regarded as one of the top research universities in the United States. He studied theater in college, although he enjoyed the boy’s lifestyle.

It is easy for the descendants of Hollywood stars to grow up to be rich and famous children. But Chet Hanks said his parents made an effort to raise him in a normal, unadulterated way in Hollywood.

As he said to Impulsive, “They raised me as a real person, in general … I mean I already knew a lot of kids that I grew up with, you know, they came from the same background but they were raised completely different from me, that would be a disaster.”

It is puzzling how Forrest Gump’s privately-educated son ended up selling drugs. But that is exactly what happened. In 2015, 25-year-old Chet spoke to the LA Times about his fight against addiction and his birth to drug abuse. “A few months ago I was selling coke, making coke until I could even sneeze until I cried,” he said.

Happily, her parents were able to help her overcome her debilitating addiction, and Tom commended her son for his faithful course in dealing with his demons. You always support them. You have to admire the heroism and loyalty when it comes out of your house.”

Sometimes mothers strive to see their children as anything other than perfection, even when it is said that children work with problematic behavior.

On the red carpet, Chet recorded a (now deleted) Instagram clip in which he spoke to Jamaican ancestors. Fans are frustrated, but Chet’s mother, Rita Wilson, actually responded positively to the post, saying, “Maybe the best laugh of the night?” This is very disturbing, although his comments may also have been the catch of Ricky Gervais, who was notoriously known as the manager of the Golden Globes that night.

In an interview with Graham Besinger last year, Tom Hanks talked about his breakup with his first wife Samantha Lewes, who had his eldest child, actress Colin Hanks. “I wouldn’t have been a very bad father,” said the Oscar-winning actor for his lack of Colin’s life. But after meeting his second wife, Rita Wilson, whom he has been married to since 1988, things got much better.

I found this kind of normal situation that was no longer with me, “he said, starting a new family with Wilson.

In his pre-White Boy Summer days, Chet worked with his father in the 2020 movie Greyhound, in which he played a small role.

Tom told Stephen Colbert that he loved working with his son and praised his acting skills: “It was incredibly fun because he was just so beautiful and I even got a father-like face with him, you know?”

Chet became a father in 2016 when his then-girlfriend, Tiffany Miles, gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Micaiah. Since then, Chet has been seen flirting with his little girl, citing her lack of self-control.

Imagine working hard for decades to become a great actor “just to have a son like Chet Hanks, writes Tom Hanks’ follower on Reddit.

They couldn’t be very supportive,” he told ET. “Every step of the way … They’ve always been there for me and I’m very lucky.


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