Birds of Paradise (2021): Movie! Ending Explained

Birds of Paradise

The ‘Birds of Paradise’ follow the journey of two dancers as they compete for a prestigious award at their ballet school in Paris – a contract with the Paris Opera Ballet. Coming from completely different backgrounds, Marine and Kate faced an ongoing battle between close friendships and a bitter rivalry, which pushed both of them far beyond their borders.

Arranged amidst the rigors of a well-respected ballet school, Sarah Adina Smith’s film is a well-dressed lesson that goes beyond the normal story of age and flirting in a gray area where there is no “good” or “bad.” ”The ending of the film is similar but incomprehensible and has poignant poems. Know about Birds of Paradise movie.

Birds of Paradise Movie Overview

Birds of Paradise film opens with Kate, a new student at La Volière ballet academy in Paris, trying to get her legs badly as students around the world greet each other. (Birds of Paradise) We learn that she comes from a modest history and is involved in teaching, having won all the home dance competitions in America. We were then introduced to Marine, the daughter of the American ambassador to France who also attends the same institution and whose proud mother forces her to succeed so that she can win an annual award for a contract with the elite Paris Opera Ballet.

At their first meeting, Kate and Marine fought boxing after their former mentor Ollie, a suicide bomber, did not know she was Marine’s twin. However, the two soon found themselves pushing each other together living together, and being forced to reconcile. Soon, Kate becomes Marine’s secret, and the two make a pact that they will do their best to help each other and not accept the big prize unless they both get it (something that has never happened before and is considered impossible).

As their friendship grows, we find out that Kate’s scholarship is being funded by wealthy Marine parents, who set it up in honor of their late son Ollie. Marine also reveals how Ollie committed suicide after their mother caught her and Ollie alone in the room and thought her twin siblings were having sex. Shortly afterward, Kate discovers that Marine’s parents have canceled her scholarship and that her father has had to sell their house to support her training. In retaliation, she tells everyone at school that Marine had sex with her brother, which led to her suicide.

The day of the final competition arrives, and Kate finds herself accompanied by classmate Felipe, who gives her a good chance to win. Marine, first married to Felipe, decides to go it alone, a rare feat that will surprise everyone. Kate’s performance is flawless and motivates her to stand up, while Marine’s performance is captivating and sensual, leaving the audience speechless. Finally, while waiting for the winners to be announced, Marine announces that she does not want the prize, leaving Kate to get the contract she wants.

The closing scenes of the film take place in three years which is why, and Kate is a famous ballet dancer. After a dance that earned him applause, he was approached by Marine, who had been dancing at “Jungle,” an underground club where they would visit as ballet students. Kate finally breaks down and apologizes to the Marines for the way she treated her, and the film ends with Marine watching a surreal dance game in Jungle, inspired by the story Kate told her when they first met.

The ending of the film is well worth it because it is not really possible to choose between Kate and Marine as to who deserves the award. While Kate’s entire future depends on her getting a contract as she has no other way to support herself, Marine’s basic identity and past have focused on dancing at the Paris Opera Ballet. She and her brother are enrolled in ballet school since they were nine years old. Birds of Paradise.

So, Kate finally gets the prize, but it’s not a complete victory because her main rival, Marine, is actually pulling out the race. In fact, the situation is so affecting Kate that even after getting a contract, (Birds of Paradise) she never stops thinking about which of the two was the best dancer – something the judge refuses to tell her. Birds of Paradise.

It’s also poetry that Kate, the ultimate “winner,” looks unhappy when the two meet three years from then. Marine, on the other hand, seems to have finally let go of her resentment after leaving school. Now she seems relaxed and follows her passion for dance tests at the underground club. The natural connection between the two also remains as Kate never forgets how she treated Marine, and Marine continues to use the story of Kate’s birds to promote her painting. Birds of Paradise.

Ollie’s tragic death informs the Marine character most of the film, and in the middle of it, we find that she too regrets her death. Marine’s mother apparently caught Marine and Ollie in the room at a young age, making love, after which the little boy became so embarrassed that he fell into drug abuse and ended up jumping off a bridge. Prior to her death, she and Marine were inseparable and had agreed to become the greatest ballet dancers.

However, as Marine burst into tears at Kate, the day Ollie committed suicide, she tried to call him, but Marine did not pick up the phone. (Birds of Paradise) In a voicemail message left in it, Ollie revealed that she had forgotten about their agreement. This is very dangerous at sea and that is why he is sorry for his death. At first, her mother still looked at her in disgust and refused to believe Marine when she tried to explain that she and Ollie were dancing and not getting close.

It is not yet clear what happened between Ollie and Marine, but she is clearly responsible for her death. However, the dancer is finally able to get out of the pain cycle. He did this by leaving behind traditional ballet, which he did most to honor his brother’s memory and because he was forced into it by his insecure parents. Birds of Paradise.

The count of Marine dance during the final prize selection process left the judges and spectators in awe. His father also gets up and walks in the middle of the work. Her movements are not the same as those seen during the regular ballet dances, and she throws herself repeatedly on the hard ground, causing the audience members to gasp and thrive.

One of the last steps he takes is to cut the rope he thinks is lifting him up, (Birds of Paradise) covering all of his performance and revealing that he is imitating a doll. Earlier in the film, she mentions how her brother could have called her a marionette, or a string doll, which is how she felt at times when she was doing ballet. However, Marine is a true artist who restricts her skills by performing traditional ballet, therefore, her performance and final cut of the rope is symbolic.

Aside from showing that ballet culture is no longer binding, (Birds of Paradise), it seems to suggest that Marine may be putting her brother’s memory to rest. A few scenes later, this came together when he rejected the award in his campaign and left the ballet academy. Birds of Paradise.


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