Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18 Release Date, Synopsis & Recap

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 30

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18. In episode 17 of ‘Big Brother’ season 23, it was finally time for the next HoH tournament, which puts guests in the Q&A program, and the recently crowned HoH nominated two members of the house to put on top of the block. As usual, the house was in a state of great confusion after the nominations were announced. Want to know more about the latest episode? A review will give you all the information! Now, here’s the 18th episode that might be about!

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18 Aired Date

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18 will be aired on 18 August 2021, at 8 PM on CBS Network. New episodes hit the network every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each episode is scheduled for 55 minutes of watching time, so stay tuned for the latest updates. In conquered to know more let’s take a snapshot of this episode – Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18 Synopsis


Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18, the winners of the Veto Derby will place their bets on one guest each, and the finalist will be awarded a second POV. They can then use the 125 BB Bucks to play Chopping Block Roulette to win the chance to remove the nominee and decide to replace it with a roulette wheel rotation. Finally, with 250 BB Bucks, they can go to Coin of Destiny which can allow them to investigate a coin in an attempt to destroy the HOH.


Big Brother Season 23 Episode 17 Recap

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 17, Derek X. hosted “Name That Croon,” a game in which one competes against a team of two as they all answer questions about previous comps. The winner of that round picks the following opponents and so on. One of the last two standing players will get a chance to be the HOH. Kyland advanced to the final round against Xavier and Tiffany’s winner. When he agreed to give up a chance to let Tiffany win, he responded incorrectly, and Kyland was given a new HoH.

Tiffany was devastated. Azah broke his assumption that his safety was at stake, but Kyland revealed that he had three nomination options: Claire, Alyssa, and Britain. Claire was just beginning to learn about the situation and promised to vote for anyone Kyland wanted to remove her from the game. He proposed to follow the Joker or Xavier, unaware that the team was made up of a Cookout alliance. After Derek F.’s volunteers became hostage, Kyland puts his name and Claire’s name on it.

The High Roller’s room was eventually opened, and guests were later allowed to “gamble with size.” Sarah decided to use the 50 BB Bucks to play the Veto Derby (first round of qualifying) and scored four points. Hannah and Xavier received 75 BB Bucks each. The Briton carried 100 BB Bucks, while Azah, Alyssa and Kyland all received 50 Buck Bucks each. Kyland played the Veto Derby game and scored a total of 9 points. Tifanny comes back penniless. Kyland, Derek F., Claire, and Sarah Beth finally made it to the POV competition.



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