10 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Watch Right Now

Korean Dramas on Netflix

“Korean Dramas on Netflix.” Netflix holds little or no attention in the Korean film industry with an unlimited supply of Korean dramas, movies, and documentaries. Not many of them are exclusively for Netflix, but most of them so far have not heard, for reasons such as limited releases or restrictions on Korean television only, etc. The wait is clearly over and on Netflix US, there are more than 40 different television dramas that can be watched the most.

Like Korean movies, the Korean television industry has flourished over the years, and actors in various forms of crime have become involved in crime, terrorism, and so on. Along with the usual jokes and romantic games for teenagers, which continue to be the most popular genres on Korean television. Everyone knows that Netflix has a huge selection of Korean Dramas on Netflix. However, not all viewers know which ones are worth their time. So, we are here to help you. Here is a list of the Korean Dramas on Netflix currently available:

10 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

10. Cinderella and The Four Knights (2016)

Cinderella and The Four Knights

In today’s fairy tale, Eun Ha Won (Park So-dam) is a bright and high-profile sports girl at a school often abused by her stepmother and adopted sister. She works part-time to save for tuition. One fine day, Ha Won meets a wealthy old man who gives him the job of being a breadwinner in a palace inhabited by three beautiful men – billions of cousins ​​and corrupt heirs of the Kang family’s great wealth. The show is simple and airy, full of harmless waste that one can enjoy as an escape. The characters are funny, stupid, and very attractive.

9. One Spring Night (2019)

One Spring Night

After a one-night chance meeting at the pharmacy, Lee Jeong-In librarian and pharmacist, and single father Yu Ji-ho feel drawn to a reunion, which is soon full of love. The beautiful, lovable, wise, and kind Ji-ho is the head over the heels of Jeong-In, but it comes with loads.

‘One Spring Night’ is not a youthful love affair with the first love of giddy, but a mature and vibrant account of what real adult relationships look like in modern Korea. Virtual themes such as adultery are scrutinized in a dramatic way and the characters are portrayed as flawed, sometimes selfish. You won’t find cheating here (Korean Dramas on Netflix)

8. My Mister (2018)

My Mister

My Mister’s love story, but not the kind you can think of and expect. A 40-year-old stoic man and a heavy-hearted, emotionally locked 20-something man built a lasting friendship that remains indescribable. They act as a soothing balm for each other’s souls and begin to cool down together in a warm friendship. Their relationship is sweet and pure and you find yourself very committed to them. This is a very different drama from its peers and definitely worth watching Korean Dramas on Netflix.

7. Cheese in the Trap (2016)

Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap ‘, based on the well-known South Korean webtoon of the same name, follows Hong Seol (Kim Go-Eun), a hard-working college student as he wanders through a difficult life and studies juggle, friends, family, and new romantic relationships. Hong Seol insists that his cunning and good boss is not kind or nice at all, but a sociopath who has a habit of deceiving the people around him and destroying those who annoy him.

He is not a bad person, though, for he is referring to the lowly life that he deserves. Things turn out strangely when he loves Hong Seol and asks her out. He still does not decide whether he is a good man or not, he accepts and initiates an unhappy relationship with him that eventually deepens into true love. Just look at it from a hero/warrior character – he is absolutely fascinating and a mystery you will want to find.

6. Something in the Rain (2018)


Something in the Rain ’follows a tabloid relationship between a 30-year-old woman and a much younger man, the 20-year-old brother of her best childhood friend. Jin-ah (Jin’s son) and Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) found a new acquaintance when he returned to America after 3 years and went from being friends to lovers, or trying to keep their feelings open, looking at them inappropriately.

But love does not know the age of this sweet romance and they finally go out with their relationship, which is very scary and can be tolerated by the people around them. The show deals with sensitive topics such as sexual harassment in the workplace, in second place. Watching shows like this, one learns a lot about South Korean culture and social norms. For example, in Korea, pouring out your drink before filling a coffin or a glass of elders is indescribably disrespectful and is considered a serious social offense.

5. Crash Landing on You (2019)

Crash Landing on You

In this lovely episode of love, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), a South Korean fashion heir, finds himself in northern North Korea after a bizarre paragliding accident. Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun Bin), a member of North Korea’s most powerful political family, finds Seir outside the border and hides it from authorities. Giving him a safe haven and coming up with a plan to smuggle him back to South Korea, the two star-studded lovers fell hard on each other.

But their future, it seems, is in jeopardy because Jeong-Hyeok is already engaged to another woman. ‘Crash Landing on You’ is clever as it comes, the gap between the tracks may leave you cracked. The script is fast-paced and balances romance and complete humor in action and politics. Completely, absolutely, properly indulging in alcohol.

4. Kingdom (2019)


In Korea’s first single Netflix series, ‘Kingdom’ is one of the very few K-dramas to continue a long list of stories that have passed over many centuries. Typically, Korean dramas are wrapped up in 16-20 episodes. But even if ‘State’ has had 2 seasons so far (and the third one in jobs), you don’t feel like “dragging” them because they have so much to talk about. Set in Joseon’s time, the plot of the show revolves around Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon), who is barred from seeing his father the King of Joseon, by order of the Queen. His stepmother simply tells him that the Lord is sick and cannot see anyone.

The Prince undertakes to investigate the Lord’s illness and its cause. It turns out that there is a plague that brings the dead back to life as the hungry beasts that devour people constantly (hence, the Zombie). In addition to defending his claim to kingship, the Prince now also has to fight and kill the Zombies. And we all know (from movies like ‘Train To Busan’) that Korean Zombies are fast and scary. This makes it very high on our list because of the great entertainment it offers. Notice, Hollywood, this is how you make Zombies.

3. When The Camellia Blooms (2019)

When The Camellia Blooms

This is an adjective of love and humor that will keep you engaged from start to finish. It’s a murder mystery with some good whodunit twisting its arms and you can’t guess who the killer is until the big one is revealed. The story revolves around a single mother Dong Baek as she opens and successfully operates a bar named Camellia in a designated area where an unmarried woman working in a liquor store is looked down upon. But Dong Baek, who seems shy at first, is a strong, honest, and resilient woman who is patient with everyone around her side.

He also fell in love with Yong-Sik, a well-behaved policeman with a consistent sense of justice and a smile that melted the hearts of women everywhere. The show does not pull punches when it comes to showing off some dark themes such as consecutive killings and slut slanders. The killer assassin, while he has a terrible threat everywhere, does not take away from the two leading, very good together. It is exciting to see Dong Baek’s transformation from a shy rabbit to an aggressive dragon. Watch the heavy volumes of love and conspiracy.

2. Reply 1988 (2015)

Reply 1988

Precious. It’s warm. It works. Deep movement. Achingly beautiful. And those words are still not enough to describe ‘Answer back to 1988’. Without a doubt, the best K-drama (any language game) I’ve watched so far. It does not have a single-centered site. Set in the late 80s, ‘Answer in 1988’ tells the story of five childhood friends and their families, who all live in the same central suburb of Ssangmun-dong in Seoul.

The main focus of the show is on the top five friends, their bromance that will give you so many that you will cry and laugh at the same time and think it is completely normal. This approach used for a piece of drama life is irrational and striking close to home, especially when dealing with reliable topics such as class differences, financial issues, family strengths, friendships, age-related issues, and heart issues. ‘1988 response’ becomes very real when it comes to everyday life – like the grief of a single mother when she realizes that cuts on her son’s face are not signs of violence at school as she suspected, but are the result of her careless efforts. shaving.

PD Shin Won-ho is able to give so much depth to each character, no matter how long they have the screen, that they are all real people and not just characters that support 2D. The scenes are captivating and funny and fun and hard and painful, a lot of different emotions you feel while watching. I think the best way to describe ‘Respond to 1988’ is like a warm hug. 

1. Oh My Ghost! (2015)

Oh My Ghost!

Na Bong-sun (Park Bo-young) is a shy girl who is self-conscious and also sees the spirits of the dead because of a mediator (mediator). She works as an assistant cook in a buttocks restaurant and is constantly reprimanded by her supervisor who looks incredible for sleeping all night. The reason he is so tired is that the spirits keep bothering him at night.

One day, the ghost of a dead virgin girl has Bong-sun and agrees to leave her alone and move on as soon as we finish the unfinished business of losing a V-card. What the girls – dead and alive – do not expect is that they are both in love with the same man – Bong-sun’s handsome boss, frustrated by the joy of a sudden change in Bong-sun’s embarrassing ways. It’s nice and funny, but the show also gets into some of the darkest areas facing death and loss. All in all, a beautiful watch with some amazing functions. Korean Dramas on Netflix.


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