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Below Deck is never disappointing when it comes to endless drama, boatmances, and, of course, the unruly visitors of the law! With the Season 6 of the Mediterranean Sea just begun, viewers are thrilled to see how the new team is performing, especially chef Matthe Shea.

Where Is Ben Robinson Now And His Net Worth

The Bravo show has had many chefs come out, however, no one compares Ben Robinson’s talents! While he finds himself part of the many crazy moments in the show, he always comes out on top or is talked about his value.

Ben appeared in four Below Deck seasons before becoming an al Sea alumnus himself. Despite being a fan favorite, the star has left the spin-off series after one season in 2017. Considering that it has been almost five years since the departure, Ben Robinson has been doing all of this.

Bravo’s Below Deck always brings up when it comes to the endless game! Although there are many, and we mean the many spin-offs, including the Mediterranean Sea, and the Sailing Yacht, all managed to become fan favorites, nothing compared to the first show, which started back in 2013.

Ben Robinson, who joined the series as a member of the OG cast in Below Deck, boarded the ship with his cooking skills. The star stayed as a chef in the original series for four seasons before moving on to the Mediterranean.

Although popular with viewers of the series, Ben officially landed following his first season of the Mediterranean Sea back in 2016. at that time.

Luckily for Ben Robinson, his fame and fortune continued to increase following his days with Bravo, and the star now costs $ 2.5 million, which is not a nuisance to a private chef!

After his departure from the series, Ben continued his cooking habits as a private chef, however, this time he rubbed his shoulders with big celeb names including Seth Rogen!

While continuing to share his wonderful creations on Instagram, Ben is also known for writing about his glamorous life online, too!

After taking a picture holding a glass of wine, a cigar, all while wrapping a fancy dress; Ben shared this post with his IG, who was actually celebrating his 40th birthday. “Below Deck.”

Life of privilege is nothing new to Ben Robinson, who grew up so far back in England!

While on holiday in Cape Cod most of his upbringing, following his time at boarding school, Robinson spent his entire life in the United Kingdom where he played games with Prince William and Harry.

Ben has never hidden his past in public, making it clear that his parents have done well, which makes sense considering his father, Patrick Robinson, is a best-selling author, Thab said.

In 2016, Ben began dating Emily-Warburton Adams while working on the fourth season of Below Deck. The two continued living together for a year before splitting up! Now, Ben Robinson spends his time sharing his cooking habits while spending time with his dog, Moofy.


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