Ariana Grande Shocked At How ‘Hard’ Coaching Is On Show

Ariana Grande
Image By Instagram

Ariana Grande is shocked at how “hard” it is to be a coach at The Voice. Ariana rose to fame with her role in the Nickelodeon Victory drama. After her success on the program, Ariana’s music career exploded. Ariana Grande is now considered one of the world’s largest pop stars.

In March this year, NBC announced that Ariana Grande would join The Voice as a coach for season 21. Over the years, there have been many upcoming stars coming out of the big red training seats. Ariana Grande replaces Nick Jonas as he has decided to leave the show to continue the current Jonas Brothers journey. Fans are shocked and excited when they learn that Ariana will be the latest addition to the game. Ariana will sit next to John Legend and Kelly Clarkson and the first remaining judge, Blake Shelton.

While Ariana Grande is excited to take on this new adventure to help emerging artists get their work started, that does not mean it will be easy. According to E !, Ariana is shocked at how difficult it is to be a coach in this program. While other judges Kelly, John, and Blake all gave Ariana advice on becoming a coach on The Voice, the pop star admitted, “It’s harder than it looks.” She explained, “You watch it on TV and you think you know, ‘Okay, I’ll get in there and it’ll be easy for anything. But it’s hard.’ He was shocked by them, saying that they were “experienced and very good at it.”

Despite the pressure and pressure of being a coach, Ariana Grande loves the experience. Not being able to see the artists while singing their hearts makes the time much better. Before joining the cast, Ariana felt that she knew what types of singers she would be inclined to add to her band. Now, that’s all out the door. Ariana found herself turning her seat to players she never thought she would choose to have on her team. She explained, “Maybe you go into it thinking, ‘Oh, I know what kind of words I’m going to answer,’ and then the person’s performance completely surprises you, and you’re like, ‘Wow.'” -Ariana Grande is in this game.

When the new season of The Voice is mocked online, fans are thrilled to see Ariana’s debut in the singing competition. While coaches often tend to be artists of their own kind, it would be nice to see Ariana take herself out of her comfort zone as she does for her 21st season team. Ariana is facing some tough competition with three experienced coaches sitting next to her; however, as Ariana is new to the game there is a chance that the players will pick her up more than the other coaches.


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