Shayan and Ana Prado

“Shayan and Ana Prado.” Over the past few years, in addition to the proliferation of dating apps and social media, the facts have actually helped us to see that when love begins, respect and emotional connection are more important than physical ties.

The top example is ‘Love is blind,’ where the unmarried get a wall out of their “pods” and promise each other without seeing each other. And actors like Shayan Haghbin and Ana Prado from ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ proved that dating on a date can be very real. 

Shayan and Ana Prado’s Journey of “Love is Blind: Brazil” 

A single mother who is just starting out with a working model, Ana Carolina Prado has joined the series because she does not believe in the connections people are building in the real world these days, which they consider superficial.

Even Shayan Haghbin, a divorced salesman and investor, came to this product with the same idea; therefore, it came as no surprise when they clicked quickly. It was Shayan’s 30th birthday when they met in “pod”, and that’s how their love affair began. From family to superstition to expectations, they discuss almost everything on day 1.

Shayan opened the door for Ana to become an Iranian and had moved to Brazil about six years before their second interview. This strengthened their engagement since he was the only one who shared his background. From there, they found a place where they agreed on their love for horses, looking for a bigger family in the future, and the importance of considering other relationships.

Shayan and Ana Prado both fell into their “strong” personality on the fifth day. And after Shayan sang to Ana in Persian, he confessed his feelings, knelt down, lifted up, and said yes!

Are Shayan and Ana Prado Together?

Shayan and Ana Prado talked about going through life together in “pods,” which continued even after face-to-face encounters. It was not just physical attraction between them, but it was also emotional. That being said, things changed when they entered their “honeymoon” and the real world when differences arose in their work, their culture, and their lives.

Shayan and Ana Prado talked to them as honestly as possible, but it also created a sense of insecurity that made them wonder if their love was enough to keep their communication going.

Shayan and Ana Prado have kept their relationship very secret, which means we can’t be as sure about anything as writing. However, that could be as the season has not yet ended its performance on Netflix. They follow each other on social media and communicate with each other through the news, indicating that they continue to be very responsible and maybe tying the knot.

We are hopeful for them because the fashion model introduced Shayan to his daughter. Shayan, on the other hand, talked about his future with Ana again, making it clear that they were both engaged. Therefore, it seems unlikely that anything or anyone could easily separate themselves.


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