Rodrigo and Dayanne

“Rodrigo and Dayanne.” ‘Love is Blind: Brazil is a real romantic series that can be considered smaller than the rollercoaster ride because of the drama, heartbreak, conflict, and relationships it explores. After all, it follows a group of single people looking for love as they go from speedy days to dating without meeting face to face.

Then, after just four weeks of being together, they walked down the aisle and revealed whether they were willing to make a permanent commitment to their chosen partner or not. The couple with such hopes are Rodrigo and Dayanne.

Rodrigo and Dayanne’s Journey of Love is Blind: Brazil 

The then 35-year-old financial adviser Rodrigo Vaisemberg described his situation in a positive light when he introduced ‘Love is Blind: Brazil,’ calling himself “eccentric” and open-minded. He also admitted that he has job stability, and the only missing feature is his friend.

As for bank clerk Dayanne “Day” Feitoza, who was 31 at the time, she said she wanted more than just a link. So, apart from their endless and meaningless conversations, these players clicked and were able to build a much deeper connection than expected.

The fact that Rodrigo was greeted with a contagious joke of the day during their first day on the “pods,” and they found a place where they shared their interest in astrology, was what sparked their love affair. Later, the couple went on to talk about Rodrigo having his own birthday chart drawn from his family, religion, and expectations of his wife.

Their interest in each other’s experiences kept their engagement going, so when Suku gave his partner his blanket a romantic and emotional note acknowledging his feelings, he knelt down on one knee and raised his head.

Are Rodrigo and Dayanne Together?

Rodrigo Vaisemberg and Dayanne “Day” Feitoza are a married couple who are bound to each other for a moment when they finally meet face to face for the first time. Their love and Rodrigo’s genuine outcry of joy were evidence of that.

Unfortunately, however, things changed a bit when they got to the real world, and Day began to fear for her inability to take the matter seriously. He explained that Rodrigo was looking for excuses to get away with it, which he found to be very stressful. And it seems that his cleanliness and his appearance were also disturbed.

Rodrigo and Dayanne follow each other on online platforms and seem to have a good relationship, but it is unclear whether they tied the knot or walked away as friends. It is undeniable that they actually fell in love during the test, but as we all know, that is not always enough.

That is to say, we remain optimistic and look forward to Rodrigo and Dayanne, especially since they both live in São Paulo and have agreed to become hopeless lovers. In simple terms, they could work things out to prove that they truly want to build a family together, to deal with all the challenges that come their way, and to grow old alongside each other.


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