Love is Blind: Brazil: Are Nanda and Thiago Still Together?

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“Nanda and Thiago.” ‘Love is Blind: Brazil,’ is a thrilling series of catchy beats in which a collection of glamorous songs try to reunite with their life partner, fall in love, and get engaged. In simple terms, they hope to build a bond without physical attraction that affects their decisions. And when they get the game, they get about four weeks to decide if they want to be together forever. know about Nanda and Thiago’s relationship.

Nanda and Thiago’s Journey of Love is Blind: Brazil 

When 36-year-old Fernanda “Nanda” Terra introduced herself to the dating scene, she explained that she was tired of the shallow experience and that she desperately wanted a deep emotional connection. As for Thiago Rocha, who was 34 at the time, he revealed that he was at a certain point in his life when he felt ready to start a new chapter and get married.

So, their first conversation from their “pods”, covering topics such as travel, families, the past, adoption, and aspirations for the future, set the tone for their story. It was light, but the fact that they clicked was undeniable.

However, on the first day, Inanda again sparked a spark with Mackdavid “Mack” Alves, which led to conflicts and wars. The duo talked about their love of the sea and their relationship, among other things, in the next few days, with Mack proving his loyalty.

On the flip side, Thiago also didn’t give up and showed he could give Inanda the stability he wanted. After many return visits, Inanda decided to remain loyal to him and made his choice, elevating Thiago himself. Before that, she broke up with Mack, which she understood but obviously did not like.

Are Nanda and Thiago Together?

After the proposal, Thiago admitted that he was preparing to do the same and added that Inanda would sit next to him. When they first met face to face, all of this was repeated only as they both felt they already knew each other.

From planning where they want to live after their marriage to how they will deal with the problems of the real world, Nanda and Thiago covered everything in their “honeymoon”. He even went so far as to show that he genuinely cared for her, and she retaliated. However, Inanda’s encounter with Mack and smoking began to loosen their link.

Unfortunately, it is not clear where Nanda, Thiago, and Mack stand in their relationship. Both men followed and contacted Nanda on social media, so they seemed to get along. Surprisingly, however, while Thiago still left negative comments on his post like any other normal partner, Inanda shared a photo from the same location as Mack back in September, meaning they were together.

Their love triangle continues to be confusing, so we will never know for sure until one of them comes up with the truth. We just know that all three seem to be happy right now.


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