Lissio and Luana

“Lissio and Luana.” When it comes to love and relationships, nothing is as important as connecting. However, people tend to confuse you with physical attraction, which is why brands like ‘Sexy Beasts,’ ‘Too Hot Hot to Handle,’ and ‘Love is Blind‘ are made for common violations.

The latter, in particular, deals with the idea of ​​having people who love and promise each other without ever having met each other – a format whose Brazilian version of ‘Love is blind: Brazil’ follows. In addition, contestants such as Lissio and Luana have proven that personality-based dating is possible. 

Lissio and Luana’s Journey of Love is Blind: Brazil 

At the age of 34, Lissio Fiod found a spark with 33-year-old psychiatrist Luana Braga on the first day. Breaking the ice and keeping the conversation between them going, they bet by guessing where they were coming from when the story came out.

When Lissio said she would buy him dinner if he got it right, Luana said she would cook if she didn’t. And even though they lost the game, the way their next exchange took place was a success for both of them, especially as it led to them talking freely and planning for the future. Thus began their story.

Lissio also had the same obligation with another lawyer, 29-year-old lawyer Carolina Stamatis, and appeared to be loyal to both women on their status. Unfortunately, Carolina felt cheated after a few days and told him so angrily before leaving.

That said, it did not change Lissio’s plans since he had decided to raise Luana because their values ​​and goals for the future are in line. His proposal was dreamy as expected, and he expressed concern and went out again, contradicting everyone’s view of him.

Are Lissio and Luana Still Together?

Lissio and Luana’s connection only continued when they met face-to-face, and there seemed to be nothing and no one to destroy them. From her self-confidence to who she was and what they had in her determination to make things work and to convey her feelings through small physical actions, they had it all. Besides, Lissio admitted that he did not think of Luana’s vitality as a mistake; instead, he loved it.

Like any real-world relationship, they had their fair share of disagreements, yet they seemed willing to talk about it because of their love for the future.

After saying all that, it’s really not clear whether Lissio and Luana tied the knot or not. They follow each other on social media, but there are no social networks or indicators to show where they stand today. The fact that they have kept their engagement low is probably because their season of the Netflix series is not over. Therefore, we will remain hopeful and be their root until they produce something else.

After all, a native of São Luís and a resident of São Paulo, Lissio says in the show that he has been calling Luana “his wife” from the moment he first proposed. On the other hand, even the doctor admitted that he wanted nothing more than to marry a businessman, so they both seemed to be all right.


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