Amber Borzotra

“Amber Borzotra.” After being released in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, many fans are eager to know if the show by Amber Borzotra and Jeremiah White has changed in the real world. The two were one of the couples to be teased in the season of 37 trailers and they were comfortable together in the game.

Even their devastating loss did not seem to discourage Amber Borzotra and Jeremiah, but it does turn out that their relationship was short-lived.

Are Amber Borzotra and Jeremiah White Still Together?

Although Jeremiah was this season from the start, Amber Borzotra joined the game after rookie player Lauren Coogan was out of work and sent home. The acting champion since last season made waves right away and became the first veteran to be sent off by another veteran.

Jeremiah ended up low on most of the season, but at the same time Amber was seen as a threat, and many other rookies met the Challenge. Amber and Jeremiah fell in love with the spies, the Lies & Allies, and they seemed very close until they were sent home.

The couple donated everything to the finishing touches but eventually came up short. Still, the loss does not seem to affect their bond, and Amber and Jeremiah walk in their arms. However, fans hoping to see more of this Challenge couple out of the show will be disappointed, as Amber and Jeremiah’s relationship was only temporary.

On August 19, Amber went to official Instagram with her boyfriend, fitness model Chauncey Palmer. “I really fell for someone when I didn’t want love,” Big Brother alum Amber said of his new relationship. “I was looking for myself and I found a friend who became the love of my life.”

While Amber is having fun with someone outside the show, it seems that Jeremiah’s love life is not very satisfying. Love Island alum has not posted any photos with other women for some time and is rightly said to be single.

Many fans will be surprised to find out that Amber Borzotra and Jeremiah did not pursue a relationship after the show, as throughout season 37 they seemed to be very close – the couple even stole a kiss while competing for the finishing challenge. However, the real world is very different from the show, and many Challenge relationships have collapsed after the cameras stopped recording.

Amber Borzotra and promising male rival Jeremiah did not win The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies and their relationship did not survive their demise again.

However, they both look happy after season 37 – Amber is the head of the new man and Jeremiah seems to be living a much better life. Although they both couldn’t make it work on this show, they are not the first (and never the last) to see a spectacular show of the show in the real world.


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