Ankahi Kahaniya Movie Based on a Real Story?

Ankahi Kahaniya

“Ankahi Kahaniya” is an Indian anthology movie about three different and inconsistent romantic stories. Three parts of the film are directed by Abhishek Chaubey, Saket Chaudhary, and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. All three stories examine life in a large Indian city and focus on lonely people longing for communication. They end up finding love and romance in an unexpected way.

How the unfamiliar nature of their relationship affects their lives will no doubt meet the audience. If you are wondering if these realistic and concise stories are inspired by any real events or true stories. Know about Ankahi Kahaniya movie.

Is Ankahi Kahaniya a Real Story?

No, ‘Ankahi Kahaniya’ is not based on a real story. All three parts of the movie are based on original ideas from directors and writers. All three filmmakers have shared a different interpretation of the topic represented in their stories.

Chaudhary’s story reflects the vague notion that a person is progressing through his or her partner in a relationship. Chaubey’s part focuses on two characters who talk a little about themselves and act as an unknown legend about the city of Mumbai. Iyer Tiwari’s story is about how to love the concept of love transforms between different stages of life.

Chaudhary stated that he had raised the issue with author Zeenat Lakhani to investigate the issue of extramarital affairs. The story includes direct beats that lead to the characters discovering the stories of their partners and how they affect their lives and their marriages.

Chaubey’s story is based on a short story in the Kannad language entitled ‘Madhyantara,’ which his wife recommended to read. Chaubey had turned the story into a veil, and at the same time, he was asked to be part of the project.

The part of Iyer Tiwari is based on a vision from author Piyush Gupta, who surrounds a man who is in love with a manager. Iyer Tiwari wanted to look at love from a very different perspective. The story struck a chord with her, as she explored the three-pronged relationship between a lonely man and a love affair.

The directors pointed out that when they first started working in their respective categories, they were not responsible for forcing them to keep the similarities between their stories unless it had to be love affairs. It just so happens that all three of these stories are about uncommon forms of love in a big city, which became a prominent anthology theme.

Finally, ‘Ankahi Kahaniya’ is a collage of three beautiful short films that show love and health. Fictional stories are full of real feelings that will melt the hearts of the audience and make them appreciate the different kinds of love they find in their daily lives. Ankahi Kahaniya.


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