Mountain Men Season 10

Mountain Men. Technology certainly makes lives easier and the world a little smaller. However, it also has the responsibility to make our lives more stressful. That is why some people choose to live a life that seems difficult, in the midst of Mother Nature, away from the traps of modern technology. Various television shows featuring such a way of life already exist. One of them is the ‘Mountain Men’ of the History Station.

Mountain Men ’is a real show that focuses on the lives of many people who live on a permanent grid. These people prefer to live such a life, and it looks sour to outsiders. While they have to work hard to meet some of the needs that are readily available, their lives also seem more peaceful and more peaceful.

There is Eustace Conoway, who has lived in the mountains for more than two decades and has even taught people how to survive. She teaches students how to live the old way.

Then there is Tom Oar, who spends months preparing for the long and difficult winters in his hometown. Marty Meierotto faces a similar problem, living in an area where temperatures drop to 60 degrees below zero. “Mountain Men.”

Mountain Men TV Show Filming Locations

Mountain Men

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Mountain Men’ surround many people who live a life of isolation away from the traps of modern technology amidst a beautiful environment. People who live such a life are called nature. Therefore, the exhibition is fully recorded in the places where “its members” live.

This is the reason why settings play such an important role in a show. Therefore, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the game was filmed. These places are often dangerous to record in. One of the photographers is also reported to have had a serious injury while filming the series.


Tom Oar lives in the state of Montana. Therefore, the parts involving him are filmed here. More precisely, he lives in the remote Yaak Valley in Lincoln County. Employees spend about one week a month, photographing for six months in the Yaak Valley and collecting photos. In addition to Oar’s closet, recordings were also made at the home of Rich Lewis, another man living in Montana. Lewis, a mountain lion track, lives in Ruby Valley.

North Carolina

Eustace Conway lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Alaska. The area where he lives is called Turtle Island Preserve. As it is where Conway resides, parts involving him are filmed here. Check out some photos shared on the Turtle Island Preserve Instagram handle:


How is it possible that Alaska has lost an exhibition about naturalists? Marty Meierotto lives in Two Rivers, Alaska. Therefore, the scenes involved are filmed here.

Other Filming Locations

Mountain Men

In addition to the locations mentioned above, film cuts were also made at Cimarron in New Mexico. This is where parts involving Kyle Bell are recorded. Shooting has also been carried out in Teton Valley in Idaho, Ashland, Maine, and the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.


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