Everything Know About ‘Lee Jung‑jae’ The Star of ‘Squid Game’

Lee Jung‑jae

South Korean actor Lee Jung-Jae has taken the world by storm as he played Seong Gi-hun in the new Netflix series Scid Game. Jung-Jae plays a key role in a survival drama series, in which she is portrayed as a driver and a gambling addict.

Seong Gi-hun, a character played by Jung-Jae, lives with his mother and has a financial problem. She is also unable to provide the necessary support to her daughter. Gi-Hun joins the Squid Game with 455 other people who risk their lives to win the $ 38.7 million prize money. Seong hopes to pay off his debts with his winnings.

The Squid Game has reached the top of Netflix and over 90 other countries around the world. It is South Korea’s first game to reach that level of global success. Some people compare the series to a South Korean film, Parasite. Lee Jung-Jae has gained popularity for his role in Squid Game, but the star has far more on his record than Seong Gi-Hun’s hype.

Lee Jung-Jae’s Acting Career Since 1993

South Korean actor Lee Jung-Jae has been acting as an actor for almost three decades. The star of the squid game has a record of 22 large screen movies and 10 TV films and series. He played Han Joon in the 1993 series Feelings and Baek Jae-Hee in the 1995 Sandglass series.

In cinemas, he starred Woo-in in the 1998 film An Affair. Other plays he acted in, including Il Mare, Last Present, Over The Rainbow, New World, and more. His latest role was as Ray in the 2020 movie show Deliver Us from Evil. He also appeared this year in the Delayed Justice series as Jang Tae-Joon.

Jung-Jae Won 27 Awards 

South Korean actor and Squid Game star Lee Jung-Jae have won 27 medals. He benefited from the roles he played in his career. He was also nominated for 19 awards. In 2020, she received the 5th Asia Artist Award for Grand Prize (Daesang) – A film about her role in Deliver Us from Evil.

In 2015, he won the 24th Buil Film Award for Best Actor for his role in the murder. She has also won other awards for her roles in Sandglass, The Young Man, Firebird, City Of The Rising Sun, Asako In Ruby Shoes, The Housemaid, and others.

 Italian Restaurants In South Korea

Lee Jung-Jae built the love of everything in Italy after starring in 2000 as Han Sung-Hyun in the movie Il Mare, representing the Sea in English. So, he opened a high-end Italian restaurant in Seoul, his country’s capital, South Korea. In addition, Lee designed the interior of Il Mare restaurants since he studied art school after graduating from university.

 Multiple Other Businesses

Actor Jung-Jae also owns a real estate development company, entertainment label, and various businesses and other partners. His real estate company goes by the name Seorim C&D which he opened in 2008.

In addition, Lee and actor Jung Woo-Sung became best friends after starring in the 1999 City Of The Rising Sun movie. The actor’s friendship turned into a business relationship with the 2 founding together several companies, including their entertainment label, The Artist Company.

Jung-Jae Is Dating Businesswoman Lim Se Ryung

Lee announced in 2015 that he was dating the daughter of the richest chairman of the Korean giant Daesang Group, Lim Se Ryung. Lee’s daughter is a mother of two, with her ex-husband, Samsung’s deputy chairman, Lee Jae-Yong.

The couple divorced in 2009. Se-Ryung is a businesswoman and is expected to inherit a fortune after her father passed away. Before entering into an official relationship with Lim, Lee dated South Korean actor Kim Min-Hee from 2003 to 2006.

Lee Jung’s Health And Fitness

Lee Jung-Jae began working as a fashion model in South Korea and was selected as the youngest Korean actress at the age of 27. In addition, she won the 2nd Elle Style Award for Male Super Icon in 2018 and the 51st Baeksang Arts Award for Instyle Fashionista Award in 2015.

The South Korean actress takes care of her appearance and her body. It is clear from her photos that she often hits the gym and keeps a solid diet. His role as mid-year Seong Gi-Hun in the squid Game does not give Lee’s sweet body the credit he deserves.

Lee Jung-Jae Doesn’t Need The $38.7 Million Prize Of Squid Game

Lee Jun-Jae and his senior partner and business partner Jung Woo-Sung jointly own $ 38 million worth of the real estate. They bought last year a $ 30 million building near the Apgujeong Rodeo station. In addition, it was revealed that Lee made an annual income of nearly $ 3.6 million.

With all those sources of revenue, as well as celebrity revenue expected to rise sharply after his new game, there is no doubt that Lee Jung-Jae does not need to accept any of Squid Game’s bad habits to grow his fortune.

Lee Jung’s Upcoming Movie

After the Squid Game, celebrity Lee Jung-Jae has more on his agenda. He will star in Ko Chang-Sun in the upcoming Wiretap movie, also known as Do-Cheong. In addition, he will be producing and directing his first spy movie, Hunt. Lee will also star in a movie like Park Pyung-Ho.

Lee Jung’s friend Jung Woo-Sung plays the role of Kim Jung Doo in Hunt. Other featured members include Jeon Hye-Jin and Jin Seon-Kyu.


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