Know About Goliath Series Filming Locations


‘Goliath,’ has enjoyed an important audience scene since its release. Whether it’s the outstanding plotline, the incredible direction, or the ingenuity of Billy Bob Thornton and his colleagues, the series catches on unlike any other and deserves extravagance. Following is Billy McBride, a lawyer almost at the end of his career, as he puts on his final battle against the corrupt legal system that always favors the rich.

Billy’s last stand against the justice system took place in the state of California, especially in the coastal cities and suburbs, which well took into account the stark contrast between the violent war and the tourist attractions. 

Goliath Tv Series Filming Locations

Goliath’ was shot mainly in the state of California, in the cities of Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, and Los Angeles and suburbs. Filmmakers have been heavily shot in the area in some well-known places, which has helped fans to identify themselves with the scenes in the series. 

Los Angeles, California Location

What else can be said about Los Angeles’ popularity as a recording studio? Home to Hollywood, the city has state-of-the-art recording studios, hilarious locations, and cultural solidarity with very little support. It has starred in countless movie stars, including ‘The Avengers,’ ‘6 Underground,’ and ‘Godzilla. ‘

The ‘Goliath’ recording team has used a number of indoor and outdoor venues, effectively attracting the city context. A building on the Carroll Canal in Venice shows Larson’s residence, while another area on S Olive St represents the legal offices at Cooperman & McBride. In addition, other important sites used in the recording process include Griffith Observatory, Diamond Jim’s Casino, Van Nuys Courthouse, Mulholland Dam, and Van Nuys Boulevard.

Sources say that a team of recording staff has used various locations in California and suburbs, all of which are located in the Los Angeles area. First, the city of Santa Clarita played the role of Goliath when the series was recorded at Santa Clarita Studios. In addition, Old Town Newhall, a popular film studio in Santa Clarita, was also used to record a few scenes.

On the other hand, the town of Bakersfield also witnessed the recording of ‘Goliath’ when a group shot at an area in an almond fruit field on Zerker Road in Bakersfield.

Santa Monica, California Location

The beautiful coastal city west of Los Angeles, Santa Monica has long been loved by filmmakers for its vibrant culture and beautiful coastal landscapes. Featuring beautiful beaches and the impressive Palisades Park, the city is also home to some famous places like Looff Hippodrome Carousel and Muscle Beach.


The most prominent place in Santa Monica was the historic Ocean Lodge Hotel, near the Santa Monica pier. However, viewers should be aware that the original building was used only for a few foreign shots, while the actual building in the series was also made specifically for Amazon Studios’ sound studios. The crew also fired at the Chez Jay area, which is a popular two-seater restaurant on Ocean Avenue as a place where Billy can be seen drinking. Other than that, the crew did not miss including many beautiful marine guns and Santa Monica Pier.


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