86 Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date and Synopsis

86 Season 2

86 Season 2 Episode 1.” ” 86 ”is a mecha science fiction TV anime based on an anime series of Japanese light novels written by Asato Asato and directed by Shirabi. The story is set in a war-torn land between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Kingdom of Giad. Residents of San Magnolia believe that both sides are using automatic drones in battle.

They are unaware that their government is using the unused Colataata community as pilots of their Juggernaut planes. One of the anime characters is Vladilena “Lena” Mirizé, a San Mangolian superstar who belongs to a large Alba population.

He becomes the commander of the Special Spearhead Squadron and begins working closely with its battlefield commander, Shinei “The Undertaker” Nouzen. Know about 86 Season 2 Episode 1.

86 Season 2 Episode 1 Aired Date

86 Season 2 Episode 1, will be aired on October 3, 2021. It will air at various times in Tokyo MX, GYT, BS11, GTV, and CTV. Studio A-1 Images enhanced anime with Aniplex, Kadokawa, and Bandai Spirits.

Nobuhiro Nakayama produced the series, with Toshimasa Ishii serving as the lead director and Toshiya Oono as the lead author. Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto composed music, and Tetsuya Kawakami designed the actor and served as director of photography. 

86 Season 2 Episode 1 Synopsis

At the end of 86 Season 1, the five surviving members of the Spearhead Squadron took over the Legion wing, losing almost all but one Juggernaut drone. Even Fido is too injured to continue the journey with them. Shinei says goodbye for the last time to her machine friend before she and her colleagues move on. When it began to rain, they took refuge in a nearby cave.

Later, they went to an empty town, where they visited a school. The youngest has never been to school in their lives, and the five survivors begin to pretend they are actually studying in class before continuing their journey.

Knowing that there is an earlier Legion wing they cannot avoid, Shinei will face them alone, hoping to buy her team enough time to escape. However, Raiden, Anju, Kurena, and Theo have no desire to be saved by polluting Shinei’s life. They all seemed to be dying in the next battle. Meanwhile, Lena visits Spearhead’s base and finds the note and cat they left for her.

In the post-credits scene, Shinei’s older brother, Shhourei, appears before her. Shourie stretches out his hand, and young Shinei takes it. It is widely reported that the Legion Unit took Shinei’s beheaded head.

In 86 Season 2, Lena can continue to work as a manager for new members of Spearhead. Shinei and her companions probably did not die and visited the remains of a tribe known as the Empire of Giad. 86 Season 2 Episode 1.


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